Mounting Awl

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Product Size 12.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 cm
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SKU ink-mountawl12456-12456

Recent discussions in: 装裱 Mounting

  • Mounting Paper – Thin 144x76cm is good quality and has done very well for mounting. It is thin but strong. Excellent paper for backing. Inkston has always been very helpful and provide a lot of GOOD information about buying paper, tools, mounting process, etc. Great company!

  • I bought size medium. Too large for my hand. I wasn’t used to using it for my first use. I used it again yesterday and I begin to understand how to handle the brush. Not bad

  • The silk looks really good, the colour is pleasant. I would like to thank a lot for the mounting service, which you arranged for us! It helps a lot and the mounting is on a very good level (it is perfect, if you don´t have a place/ equipment for the mounting).

  • Je viens de recevoir cette brosse
    Je suis très heureuse de la qualité de cet article
    Il me reste à en faire bon usage
    Merci pour la qualité de vos services
    Liliane BERTHELET

  • This is a very fine, exceptional paper to work with. The paper behaves in a different way from Xuan paper and is a delight to paint on. I will be buying several more rolls of this excellent, very high quality paper in future.

  • Th bamboo spatula was nice and flexible and smooth as well.

  • My first Mounting Spatula, useful tool, you work well with it | careful packing, great customer service

  • Mounting paper from Inkston! I did the mounting of these paintings this morning, it looks they dry perfectly, no bubbles no wrinkles!!!! I used this mountingpaper for the first time it is thin but strong, even when its really wet. It makes the proces much easier.

2 reviews for Mounting Awl

  1. a good awl | comfortable grip, works well

  2. Th awl is super durable and sharp so a much better upgrade from my previous one haha

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