Seal Stone “Rock”

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Colour: white mixed with brown colours.

(colour of all inkston seal stones is natural and not modified by chemicals; therefore, each stone’s colour is usually slightly different from each other.)


1 * 1 * 5 cm

(Special Note: for beginners, please choose size between 2 *2 cm and 3 * 3 cm. This is the easiest size for beginners to control.)

This is seal stone is originally from Mongolia area. It is a type of Balin stone. It is very smooth and suitable for different levels. For beginners, this stone has perfect hardness so that it would not require extra effort or special training to carve complicated details. For higher levels such as intermediate to advanced level, this stone allows different styles of carving words. At the same time, compared to valuable natural stones, this specially selected stone has perfect quality-price ratio.

This is a special supply from Inkston studio.





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Product Size 1 × 1 × 5 cm
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  • These seal stone “lake” are easy to carved and are beautiful.

    Les pierres “lago” sont très belles et faciles à graver.

  • Attractive, user-friendly seal stones. The stone is smooth, tight, and pleasant to carve. The quality and finish are basic, but better than the practice stones sold in bulk. The stones are also tall enough for their large surface area. For a seal stone that is inexpensive, easy to work on yet nice enough for permanent work, I think they provide good value for money.

  • Nice stones and easy carving. Can’t go wrong for just a buck!

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  1. Nice stones and easy carving. Can’t go wrong for just a buck!

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